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Ventus Performance is a software company focusing on developing data management and reporting tools for the Wind Energy industry.

The company was founded by Henrik Tordrup Nielsen and Michael Bodekær Jensen in 2012 and is growing rapidly to meet the needs of its clients. The company is registered in Denmark and runs an outsourced development setup out of Indonesia to secure access to cost efficient and scalable development resources.

Ventus Performance has been established with the intention of helping the Wind Energy industry mature and develop at the speed that is currently required. The focus is currently on developing tools for the Wind Energy Industry, while flexibility is maintained so the products can be used for other renewable energy sources, especially solar, tidal and other asset classes that are driven by natural resources out of human control instead of supply and demand.

The Wind Energy Industry is very capital intensive and going through incredible growth and thus forced to develop significantly faster than what is normal for a new technology. This is needed to secure a technology that is competitive with the fossil fuel alternatives and thus making our world less dependent on such fossil fuel technologies.

Ventus Performance is dedicated to making software products that will decrease Cost-of-Energy and increase capital in-flow to help wind energy into a sustainable future.

Why do our products benefit you!

  • Cost Efficiency through automation of data-collection and standardization of reporting
  • Increased revenue, by enabling informed and proactive decisions to reduce risk and improve performance
  • Increased transparency, giving additional investor comfort for the benefit of more and cheaper funding
  • Improved documentation, helping the industry raise capital and reduce Cost-of-Energy

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